Digital Mums - the low down

Flexible, that is! from the #CleanUpTheFWord campaign

I have just submitted my final report for my Digital Mums course and after 6 months of retraining as a social media manager here's the lowdown of how it was, because a punchy Buzz feed style list is always a winner!

1. You will be thrown in the deep end with Skype (google hangout) calls with your peer group. I personally found being faced with 6 strangers on the first one a tad overwhelming, however a few weeks in and you'll be swigging wine in your pj's, possibly while one of you is cooking dinner/ wrangling a toddler in the background.

2. The work load is totally manageable BUT you will experience an intense feeling of spinning plates, especially if you have no childcare. There will be times when you can't wear all the hats and something drops, your children might have to embrace a more 'child led' approach to play, and maybe the 'digital nanny' (cbeebies) will be a much more prominent feature of your parenting style than you ever thought, as will freezer food. The hashtag #mumguilt will be your vibe. But remember its only temporary and the retraining is going to benefit the whole family in the end.

Its worth it. I found putting a desk in the playroom downstairs helpful (my co-working space with two toddlers!) and found a wonderful community of freelance parents in the Doing It For The Kids Facebook group, with lots of great tips on how to juggle working from home with children.

3. Most of your work is actually done on your phone, as is the nature of social media. You will be THAT mum at the park, you will feel unjustifiably guilty when the gas man comes round and you are sat on your phone the whole time, you will sometimes be sat at an uncomfortable angle because your phone is plugged into the wall, your husband might think you're 'dicking about on your phone' when you are actually doing work and you will get a numb hand and drop your phone in your tea, probably.

4. You will become an analytics geek wether you like it or not!

5. You may find your campaign surprises you and goes way beyond the course. Setting up Mother of Cornwall has led me to meet so many inspiring women and new friends and it has become a wonderful community of support.