5 reasons I love living in Cornwall

We've been living in Cornwall for just over two years now and the other day I realised that it feels more like 'home' than any other place we've lived. Which is funny because when we left after Uni 10 years ago I never thought I'd come back to live here, and when we did I was very dubious and thought it would just be a little adventure by the sea for a year or two! I think it can take a while to settle in, especially if you don't have any friends and family here but once you do it is the most fabulous place for families. My Mum is moving here next month (HURRAH! Hello Grandma support/ date night babysitting!) and I know a lot of people who would love to move here too so I thought I'd do a little post about why I love it so...

1. Its THE best place for children. So many times at the weekend I find myself appreciating those moments you usually only get on holidays; everyone relaxed and happy in nature, the children pottering around in little sea pools or finding beach treasure as we look on and realise just how lucky they are spending their childhood with the beaches as their playground, and how lucky we are that this is our life all year round. Theres nothing better than coming home after a day on the beach all sandy and salty and sun kissed (or wind burnt!). We are yet to get them on body boards and surf boards but this is the next step! C has a wetsuit and loves practising swimming with help but is still a bit cautious of crashing waves. I love visiting the beach at quiet times too, going down at 4pm when everyone is leaving, It's sometimes a lot of effort to scrap the bedtime routine but when we do and go to the beach on a summers evening its always worth it!

2. The Sea Air. One of the things I first noticed when we moved here was the air! It was incredible how fresh and healthy it felt, I couldn't stop going on about it! I have since found out that sea air is packed full of negative ions which cancel out toxins and free radicals that you get from all the bad things like screens, pollution, chemicals etc. This is not the best scientific description, but you know that feeling when you stand in front of a stormy sea and breathe it all in and feel invigorated, refreshed and inspired. That. I need to add that the actual sea is wonderful too, being able to get into or onto the water whenever we like is a massive luxury.

3. The laid back vibe. One of the other things I first noticed when we moved here was how everyone was moving at a slower pace. It was strange at first, I remember wondering if Cornwall didn't do emails or something when I wasn't getting any replies! Then I noticed other subtle things like the way not many people seem to do overtime, theres a much more healthy attitude to the work/ home balance I think. I suspect its because living by the sea there is much more reason to get out and enjoy your surroundings, maybe it comes back to the sea air again too!

4. It's a feast for the eyes. I don't need to tell you how beautiful Cornwall is, but I feel that looking at such beauty all the time, from the Mediterranean looking coves to the rugged north coast on a stormy day, really has a positive impact on your wellbeing, short term and long term. Even just walking through Falmouth you can look down a street and see the sea and feel calmed.

5. The people. Because of all the above reasons the locals here are generally very happy and chilled! Once you get into the swing of Cornish life its a wonderful place to feel settled and part of a community. I particularly love Falmouth as there are so many creative people and young families around giving it a lovely vibrant vibe.

* Its not all Pasties and Poldark scenes though, there is the MIZZLE to contend with, and the hours spent on the A30 if wanting to leave or return!