The Mother Hustle Interview: Jamie from Lucky go happy

This week I have an Interview with Jamie, Mum of two from Newquay and owner of the new fabulous online shop Lucky go happy, selling stylish and ethical brands for babies and children, she also has an extra side hustle with an air bnb property she rents!

She is relatively new to Cornwall and I remember from a few years ago when we moved here how exhilarating it was to suddenly live right by the sea but also how hard it was to have no 'Village' around me for support. I learnt first hand how essential this is when raising a child/ children, even if its just a little moan with a close friend over coffee or a meet up in a park to take the load off a bit, that lightness you feel when the adult ratio is a bit higher and the children are occupied or a Grandparent who can visit and give you a few hours alone (whilst they ply them with ice cream!) All of these little bits and bobs of support are vital and I was completely and suddenly adrift and isolated without them. This is why I wanted to start 'Mothers of Cornwall' to create a Village of sorts! And my point also is that I'm rather impressed with Jamie getting her businesses off the ground whilst also settling into a new life in Cornwall. Mother Hustler!

Tell us a bit about who you are, where you are and what your family looks at the moment.

I'm Jaime a 37 year old mum of 2. Living in Newquay since August 2016, previously in Essex, but fancied a change and a nicer place for the kids to grow up. I have a Herbie a nearly 5 year old boy and Hetty is who is 2.5. I'm getting married to my partner Jy next April, we've been together 7 years. 

Tell us all about your business/ side hustles/ work life and where we can find you on the interweb?

I started Lucky Go Happy in April this year. It's a children's/family lifestyle store focusing on products that are organic, natural, ethical and eco friendly. I love products with a bit of a story behind them. It's an online store luckygohappy and @lucky.go.happy on Instagram, but I would love to have some bricks and mortar one day. We also have an annexe attached to our property which we air bnb so I manage that and clean it/do changeovers, which is always fun with a very challenging 2 year old trying to help!

Most of my Lucky Go Happy work is fitted around spare time in the evenings, although Hetty goes to a child minder on Wednesday's so I can get bits done while Herbie is at school. I do find it a bit of a struggle to fit everything in.

Flamingo mobile by Fiona Walker hand made in India with organic wool, available in Jamie's shop.

How do you find the Juggle with work/ family/ life / childcare etc?

I do find the juggle difficult and by the time the kids are in bed, the last thing i want to do is work or d housework. I also feel like its mainly just the women who are juggling, while the men go out to work (without a child in tow), come home and generally relax. Although my partner is getting much better at realising that it needs to be a two sided thing, otherwise I might explode! Since we have moved it's also been a lot harder not having the grandparents around to help out, but we definitely appreciate the odd night out we do get.

What would your ideal balance be, and are you close to achieving it? If not what needs to change?

Hetty is 3 in January and we will hopefully get 30 hours of free childcare for her. When that time comes I would ideally love to be able to just work during the day, still do the school runs and have evenings and weekends free to spend as a family. Once I start earning some money, I would love to get a cleaner, as working from home, I find myself procrastinating with housework rather than actually working.

Why did you decide to work for yourself?

While pregnant with Herbie I worked for an insurance company, just doing admin and customer service. I have a never had a 'career' as such and have mainly worked in admin/customer service based roles. After having him I went back 3 days per week, with grandparents helping out. But found my heart was in it less than before and begrudged working when I didn't enjoy it. I became pregnant with Hetty 9 months after returning to work and deep down knew i didn't want to return after having her. 

During both pregnancies/maternity leaves I did courses in silversmithing, massage, waxing, facials. Pretty much anything I though i'd be able to do while fit around the kids. But didn't enjoy them as much as I thought I would. I went back to work after Hetty but only for 6 weeks, it seemed to be much more difficult juggling 2 children and work/home life. I kept thinking of ways to work for myself and eventually when we moved to Newquay I decided to start Lucky Go Happy, we had a bit of money left over from the sale of the house, so I used that to buy stock and start it. 

Would you say you have been more productive since having children, or less?

Hmmm, Im not the most productive person and i'm a massive procrastinator, but i'd probably say i'm more productive now. I feel time is more precious now, so have to use it more wisely, sometimes I wish I could go back to the pre-kids me and tell her to use all that free time to start something and have the guts to do it. Thats something having kids has given, a bigger pair of balls!

What is your favourite thing about being a mother?

I love the unconditional love given & received & just how amazing they can be.

And your least favourite?

It can sometimes be  like a very long version of ground hog day and I feel like I'm tired more often than i'm not.

What do you love about where you live and what does your ideal weekend look like?

I love living by the sea, sunsets are one of my favourite things, so we love going down to fistral beach in the evenings. When the weathers good I always feel like I'm on holiday, which is never a bad thing. An ideal weekend would be spent on one of our favourite beaches like Crantock, with friends & family, eating nice food and having a few drinks, while the kids play.

10.And finally do you have any tips for working from home with toddlers?

I'm afraid not, I don't get much done when my two around, they're pretty clingy!