The Mother Hustle Interview - Little Creative Home

For my first in a series of interviews with Inspiring Mothers who Hustle I have local creative business owner and Mum of two toddlers Tabitha joining me. She is based in Penryn and runs 'Little Creative Home' from her shed in the garden! Tabitha creates the most beautiful textile creations in dreamy ice cream pastel shades (Check out her IG gallery, its pure calming escapism!) and she also does pop up craft events for children and adults. I asked her a few questions about how she manages The Mother Hustle Juggle!

Tell us a bit about who you are, where you are and what your family looks at the moment.

Hello I'm Tabitha from Little Creative Home. I live with my husband and childen, Austin who is 3.5 and Florence who is 1.5 I often get asked if it's a good ages gap, Im still not sure!? We live in Cornwall and love our life by the sea. I have a degree in textile design and love craft and making . I also love cake and a good cup of tea.

Tell us all about your business/ side hustles/ work life and where we can find you on the interweb?

I started up Little Creative Home after taking the hard decision not to return to my job at Sea Salt as part of the window design and prop making team. I agonised over the decision as it was a job I loved but after the cost of child care it seemed to make sense to take the opportunity to try and do something on my own that I could fit around my little ones when they are young. I have a back ground in textile design and it sounds cliched but I have always loved making and creating things. I think it's just part of me and that's something that I didn't want to let go of if I wasn't returning to work. I set up Little Creative Home to spread my passion of creativeness and making. I do Pop Up crafts for Little Ones, Pop Up Stitch Evenings for adults, and crafts for any occasion whether it's a child's birthday party, hen party, baby shower or any other occasion. I feel like craft is a way people can come together, make and relax. My Pop Up Stitch Evenings have proven popular as a way people can switch off and do something for themselves, I have a few mums that come and love it. I also have a etsy shop where I sell hand made creations because as well as the Pop Ups I love making things myself.

You can find me on Instagram @littlecreativehome / Facebook / Etsy.

How do you find the Juggle with work/ family/ life / childcare etc?

It's so hard juggling work/family/life and child care. I don't ever think there is a perfect balance and some days I don't think I'm doing any thing right or giving enough time to my children or to my self or to my business or home life, I always have so many ideas but trying to find the time to make the, into something is hard. I think as a mother I always feel guilty about something. My husband runs his own business and is the main bread winner so he can't help with the child care, but my eldest does go to pre-school a few times a week and I'm lucky that I have family near buy that can help with child care occasionally. There is never a day that I don't have one of my little ones so finding time to do anything for my self is pretty impossible but I'm determined to do something for myself that I enjoy and make a bit of extra money on the side. I try and get things done at nap time and the evenings but often get distracted by the mess left by daily life.

What would your ideal balance be, and are you close to achieving it? If not what needs to change?

I think once my eldest is at school one my youngest is at preschool I'll find it easier finding time to get things done. For now it's a bit of a struggle but I know that they won't be little for long.

Why did you decide to work for yourself?

I decided to work for my self because after the cost of child care it didn't make much financial sense to return to work after having my youngest and I thought there must be something I can do on the side as well as doing the child care.

Would you say you have been more productive since having children, or less?

That's a hard one, I think I have been more productive in some ways. I think I've definitely got better at multitasking!

What is your favourite thing about being a mother?

The smiles, laughs, hugs and the kisses.

And your least favourite?

All of the endless cleaning, tidying and washing!

What do you love about where you live and what does your ideal weekend look like?

I love living in Cornwall. It's where I grew up and I feel lucky to raise my children here and to have met some amazingly supportive friends who have little ones too.I don't think I could live away from the sea. I love the beaches the best. Our ideal weekend would probably be going over to the Roseland to one of the beautiful beaches,(we love Towan Beach) with a picnic and letting the kids run wild. There would also be some cake and a cup of tea at some point!

And finally do you have any tips for working from home with toddlers?

Try and cram as much into nap time as you can! I'm not sure what I will do when my youngest gives up her mid day nap. its really hard finding time with two toddlers around. I have recently cleared out our garden shed and taken it over with all of my crafty things. I think having a space for yourself in amongst the chaos of family life is important. But that's hard to do, I have this small shed but I rarely get time to sit in it. My little ones love to go in and get the paints out everywhere! But I would never want to stop them from showing their creativity so I think 'let them go for it'.

Thanks Tabitha x

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